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Heaven gained another angel this weekend

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A friend of mine, Jessica Sun, was killed in a horrific drunk driving accident on Saturday night. 

Jessica Sun was one of the sweetest and most loving people I had ever come into contact with. She was one of the most beautiful and intelligent souls you could ever know.

 If you knew Jessica Sun, you’d know how she could always make the darkest of days turn brighter.. She always knew how to light up a room. She was one of a kind and could never be replaced.  

Jessica Sun always had a contagious smile on her face and loved bringing out the best in people.  

We are all going to miss you dearly Jessica Sun.  You will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Sweet Angel. 

Please pray for Jessica Sun’s family and friends. 

Jessica Sun Killed in Drunk Driving Accident, Roland Scott Moreno Responsible for Death.


This accident should open everybody’s eyes. Drinking and driving kills people. It’s simple. It’s never worth it.  Please take an Uber or Lyft. We need to be more responsible when we drink and decide to get behind the wheel.

Most of us think we are invincible and that something like this could never happen to us. I know I’ve thought that before, and I’m sure Roland thought it as well. 

We, as the Plano East Community, cannot lose another classmate. We have already lost too many over the years and it needs to stop. 


  Accident Details

“A 26-year-old Dallas man is charged with intoxication manslaughter after getting into a crash that killed his girlfriend Saturday night.

The pair’s car overturned about 11:15 p.m. Saturday in a grassy area near the Interstate 35 exit ramp to Victory Avenue.

First responders found Roland Scott Moreno holding Jessica Sun, crying as he rocked her body back and forth, police wrote in his arrest warrant affidavit. Firefighters had to pry him off her so they could get him in an an ambulance.

Police visited him at Parkland Memorial Hospital later in the night to interview him about the crash.

Slurring heavily, he told police he had been at a bar and drank “too much,” his affidavit says.

He said he veered off the road and lost control of his car because a car was tailgating him and he was trying to let it pass, the affidavit says. Moreno told police he was wearing a seat belt but Sun wasn’t.

Moreno wasn’t seriously injured in the crash.”


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4 thoughts on “Heaven gained another angel this weekend

  1. Sorry for your loss. Victoria is a close friend of mine and told me about this site. Looks very professional so kudos to you. Look forward to meeting you at some point. Once again sorry for your loss of Jessica, I didn’t get the chance to meet her but knew her brother. Will keep their family in my prayers.

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