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U.S. Destroyer Fleet Confronted by Iranian Navy Vessel

An Iranian Navy vessel approached a fleet containing three U.S. ships and a Helicopter while commuting in international waters. While traveling through the Strait of Hormuz on Wednesday, U.S. military deemed the incident as dangerous and unprofessional.

The Vessel approached U.S. ships, shining a spot light on two of the ships, the USS Bataan, and the guided-missile destroyer USS Cole, Commander Bill Urban stated, the spokesman for the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain. The Iranian vessel came within about 800 yards of a small flotilla, as well as pointed a laser at the U.S. Marine Corps helicopter that was flying over the fleet. “Illuminating helicopters with lasers at night is dangerous as it creates a navigational hazard that can impair vision and be disorienting to pilots using night-vision goggles” Cmdr. Urban included in his statement.

U.S. Military officials often report harassment of such coming from small Iranian ships as well as from the Republican Guard.  The ship that conducted the latest account was an armed, 127-foot Houdong missile boat, although the weaponry was covered up, according to U.S. officials.

The spokesman for Iran at the United Nations office negated a response to questions from Americans seeking reason.



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