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Russian tv crew offered money to youths in Sweden to cause trouble in front of camera

Local youths from the troubled Stockholm, Sweden-suburb Rinkeby tell Danish media Radio24syv that journalists from a Russian tv station offered them money to cause trouble in front of the camera.

400 Swe­dish Krona for cau­sing “action” in front of the camera. That offer was alle­gedly given to a group of local youths in the Sto­ck­holm suburb of Rin­keby. The offer came from a Rus­sian tv crew, two of the young men tell Danish media Radio24syv.

“They came to us and told us they wan­ted to see some action. They wan­ted to bribe each of us with 400 Swe­dish Krona,” says “Moham­med”. “Moham­med” wants to remain ano­ny­mous, but Radio24syv is fami­liar with his iden­tity.

“Moham­med” tells Radio24syv that two men appro­a­ched the group and clai­med to be Rus­sian jour­na­lists. He also over­heard them spe­aking in a langu­age that soun­ded like Rus­sian. Neit­her of the two young men know which net­work the jour­na­lists came from.

“While we were tal­king to them, the police appro­a­ched us. We didn’t want to do what the tv-crew were asking from us. But when the police came, the jour­na­lists told the police that we were the ones who had asked for money to cause trouble”, “Moham­med” tells Radio24syv.

It has not been pos­sible to get a com­ment from Swe­dish police.

Rin­keby has been sub­ject to mas­sive con­tro­versy lately. First US presi­dent Donald Trump cri­ti­cized the Swe­dish immi­gra­tion policy upon see­ing a docu­men­tary about Swe­den. Shortly after riots broke out in Rin­keby, a suburb mainly popu­la­ted by citizens of other eth­nic back­gro­unds than Swe­dish. Cars were set on fire and rocks were thrown at the police.

Flem­m­ing Splids­boel, a senior lec­tu­rer at the Danish Insti­tute of Foreign Affairs, calls it “very, very inte­r­e­sting.” He belie­ves Rus­sia could have an inte­r­est in affecting the debate about refu­gees and asylum see­kers in Swe­den. “It’s pos­sible that the Rus­sian gover­n­ment wants to affect the poli­ti­cal debate in Swe­den in favor of certain poli­ti­cal par­ties, which hold a posi­tive view on Rus­sia. Par­ties Rus­sia there­fore wish to strengt­hen ahead of a com­ing election,” Flem­m­ing Splids­boel tells Radio24syv.

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